Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bento #2 - still such a novice!

Here is my bento #2. I know I have such a long way to go to get even halfway to the level of the wonders I see online. This is a bento from last week that I didn't get a chance to post online. You know how it is when you actually have to work while you're at work? I can't stand it when work gets in the way of things I'd rather be doing. Lol!

Once again it is a bento for two. The first layer on the left has some shelled edamame, sliced tamagoyaki, sliced star fruit (thanks to my very generous neighbor who has a very prolific tree), and some corn. The second layer is just sweet potato and some "sort-of" sukiyaki topped with green onions. I say "sort-of" because I always change recipes to my liking. Sometimes so much that it's nothing like the recipe it started out being. Hopefully, this month I can be a bit more productive and get more than one posting done.

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  1. Hi! I followed you here from Bakerella. The name BentoGirl caught my eye because I love making bentos too! I just started a few months ago! Come check me out at

    Have you joined in on any of the bento communities yet? the livejournal bento lunch community is pretty good and flickr has a large bento box pool too. Everyone is really nice and helpful!

    BTW,what kind of box are you using? It looks similar to the inomata boxes, which i have been trying to get my hands on!